One Last Stop – The National Archives College Park

National ArchivesNational Archive Building

The snow didn’t stop us from our final day of research. First we acquired our research cards by watching a video on how to treat and protect the records. Modern Military records including the WWII collection is housed in the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, Come step into the Archives with us and experience the excitement of a good find.


Up to the 4th floor and into the Microfilm Research Room, where I left Pook to search WAC motion picture film and video recordings.

National Archive RecordsNational Archive Films

On the 2nd floor in the Textual (Page) Records Room, I requested military records for the 1:30pm pull. Under the listing History of WACS in the Southwest Pacific Area in Box 2683, I found documents with Chronological Dates of Importance for the WACS in SWPA, a good find. But just wait it gets better.

Barb Archive Box 2

Back at the Microfilm Research Room, I found Pook hard at work. With the help of research staffers, Jim and Rob, she requested films covering my mom’s trajectory in her overseas service from Fort Oglethorpe to Australia to Hollandia, New Guinea to Manila, Philippines. Pook lifted this amazing still from a video of a double decker camouflage troop bus in Australia filled with WACS. Could it be the same bus that transported Nicky?


Thanks to the magic of Pook, I would like to share some archival footage with you.

WAC training at Oglethorpe

WACs shopping and walking through bombed out Manila

Barbara Nicodemus Daughter of a SigInt WAC

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